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I’m pretty excited and honored to have been invited to make my blog a part of the Svbtle blog network. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is Svbtle in it’s founder’s own words:

Svbtle is a new kind of magazine. We’re a network of great people mixed with a platform that takes the best things from traditional publishing and combines them with the best parts of the web. We want to make it easier for people to share and discover new ideas.

Put simply, Svbtle is equal parts blogging tool (for the writer) and online magazine (for the reader).

Dustin Curtis has created a writing platform that is a perfect fit for my blog to call home. From the very beginning when Svbtle was nothing more than a platform for his personal writing, Dustin’s concept for a clean blogging platform that was focused on writing and nothing else intrigued me. His original post was a major factor in me moving my blog away from the clutter of WordPress as a blogging system.

I’m consistently inspired by the content that comes out of the incredible writers involved, and I’m excited about being able to contribute to a great community of ideas.

My old posts can still be found in the archives, but all new posts will be a part of Svbtle.

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